About Passes

When can I purchase NIKKO KINUGAWA DISCOUNT PASS (NIKKO PASS)? Can I purchase them even on the departure day?

Online booking is available from 3 months to 2 days prior to the usage starts date. Please pick up the ticket at the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa in Asakusa station. Walk-in purchasing is available from 1 month prior to the departure day at the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa.

Where can I purchase a discount pass?

You can purchase online, or walk-in the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa in Asakusa Station.

Are there any group discounts for discount passes?

There are neither group discounts nor other discounts including senior discounts for discount passes.

Are there passes for children?

Yes, and all the children passes are about half the price of the adult ones.

Who can purchase discount passes?

Basically, those who have a foreign citizenship and are having a sightseeing trip in Japan can purchase discount passes.

I live in a forein country and am planning a sightseeing trip with my friends living in Japan. Can they also purchase discount passes?

Yes, Japanese tourists accompanying with those who are from outside of Japan can purchase the same discount passes.

What do I need to show to purchase a discount pass?

We might ask you to show your passport.

Can I claim a refund on my discount pass, ticket for a limited express, or ticket for a private compartment after purchasing them?

Discount passes are refundable at the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa and other sales points, only if they have not been used yet, and 220 yen per pass will be deducted as the commision fee. Tickets for a limited express are refundable only before the departure time, and 100 yen will be deducted as the commision fee. The commision fee for tickets for a private compartment is 410 yen.

During my stay in Nikko / Kinugawa, I suddenly decided to change my itinerary. Can I change my return ticket for the limited express which I purchased with my discount pass?

We are sorry, however the ticket for a limited train purchased with a discount pass cannot be changed after purchase.

About Taking Trains

I want to go to Nikko by express train. Does the express "Kinu" go to Nikko?

The direct express train to Nikko is the "Kegon". If you take the "Kinu", you will need to change trains at Shimoimaichi station. All express trains have connecting trains which arrive on the same platform, and threfore changing trains will be very smooth.

What is PASMO? Where can I use it?

PASMO is a convenient IC card started in the metropolitan area, and can be used for trains and buses all over Japan. You can purchase or charge it at automatic ticket machines.


Can I purchase a KAWAGOE DISCOUNT PASS online?

We are sorry, however a KAWAGOE DISCOUNT PASS cannot be purchased online. Please purchase it at the Tojo Line Ikebukuro station, or Tobu Travel Ikebukuro station branch.

About Sightseeing Information

Where can I get sightseeing information?

Sightseeing service centers can be found here.

Limited Express Ticket Online Purchasing and Reservation Service

You can purchase and book tickets for limited express trains on Tobu Railway. You can also check availability of seats.(Only English is available)

When purchasing discount passes to Nikko / Kinugawa and tickets for limited express trains together, the fare for the limited express trains will be 20% off. To purchase them together, please read the information for each ticket.

Purchase of TOBU Discount Passes
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