This travel pass for foreign travelers features one round-trip train ticket from Asakusa as well as discount fares for bus and train services in the Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen area.
Enjoy not only the shrines and temples of Nikko's world heritage sites, but also other destinations including the Okunikko area and Lake Chuzenji as well as Kinugawa Onsen.
Enjoy the Lake Chuzenji sightseeing cruise or ride the Akechidaira Ropeway for free. This pass is ideal for visitors who want to experience every part of Nikko, including its world heritage sites.
Present your NIKKO PASS to receive special discounts for tourist facilities, transportation, souvenirs and food, etc.


  • Adult
  • April 20 to November 30
  • December 1 to April 19
  • Zones included in the travel pass1 round-trip between Asakusa and Shimo-Imaichi
    • All Tobu Bus lines in Nikko
    • Nikko Edomura shuttle bus
    • Nikko-Kinugawa Onsen Bus(only on days SL is in operation)
    • Hybrid bus(Odashirogahara area access bus) *3
    • Akechidaira Ropeway *1
    • Lake Chuzenji sightseeing cruise *2
    • All Tobu Railway lines between Shimo-Imaichi, Tobu-Nikko and Shin-Fujiwara stations
  • Facilities with discount admission
    • Tobu World Square
    • Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura
  • *1 Not in operation between March 1 and 15 due to maintenance
  • *2 Period of operation: mid-April to November 30, not in operation on June 18
  • *3 Period of operation: mid-April to November 30

Pass Privileges

Present the discount pass to get discounts on tourist facilities and rides, souvenirs, and food and beverages.

20% off limited express fares and compartment room fares!

Purchase a separate limited express ticket in addition to the discount pass to ride the Limited Express Spacia (Kinu, Kegon), Revaty (Kinu, Kegon, Aizu), and Kirifuri.
SL reserved seat charge is required in addition to the discount pass to use SL Taiju.
4 persons compartment room can also be purchased at the same 20% discount as limited express fares.

  • ●Discount prices are limited to simultaneous train reservations and ticket purchases made at the Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa on the 1F Counter of Asakusa Station or the 1F ticket counter at Asakusa Station.
  • ●Compartment room fares represent the price per room. The separate limited express fare must be purchased by each person in the compartment.
  • ●Available zones: Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko, Kinugawa Onsen Line and Shin-Fujiwara
  • *Limited Express Kirifuri operates only on weekends and holidays.
Discount limited express fares
(per adult)
Trains 4-person compartment fare per room
Spacia Revaty Kirifuri*
Weekdays 1,340yen→1,080yen 1,440yen→1,160yen 3,090yen⇨2,480yen
Weekends and holidays 1,440yen→1,160yen 1,030yen→830yen 3,700yen→2,960yen
Afternoon / night discounts 1,030yen→830yen

Discounts on tourist facilities and rides!

  • Nikko Area
    • Nikko Natural Science Museum
    • Nikko Kirifuri Skate Center (outdoor rink in the winter)
    • Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Nikko
    • Nikko Astraea Hotel
  • Kinugawa Onsen Area
    • Tobu World Square
    • Kinugawa Koen Iwaburo
    • EDO WONDERLAND Nikko Edomura
    • Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway
    • Monkey Mountain
  • *Discount tickets vary by season. Please be advised that there are some facilities that cannot be used in winter, and others that are only available in winter. Changes to facilities and contents are subject to change without notice.

Discounts at souvenir shops and restaurants, too!


  • Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen Area
    10% discount on purchases of over ¥1,000 at stores with this symbol.
  • *Not applicable to alcohol and tobacco. Some restrictions apply.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Validity Period: 4 Days (3 nights and 4days)
  • Valid for one round trip on the railway between Asakusa and Shimo-imaichi Station, and the unlimited train and bus ride zones.
  • Board any 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D bus departing from or arriving at the Tobu Nikkō Station bus terminal.
  • Entrance fees to "Nikko shrines and temples" are not included.
  • ※Notes
  • ・A separate ticket for a limited express train is required to take an express train.
  • ・Only 1 round trip train ride is allowed between Asakusa and Shimoimaichi Station (you can get off on the way, at Tokyo Skytree Station or Tochigi Station).
  • ・Common Admission Tickets for Shrines and Temples in Nikko are not included.
  • ・JR express trains of inter-connected through service are not included.
  • ・Passengers taking Steam Locomotive"Taiju" need to purchase a reserved seat ticket.

Usage Area

Usage Area


Bus Route Map

Please click here for more information regarding the free ride zones for the bus.

Introduction of the Model Course

Main Sightseeing Spots

  • Main Sightseeing Spots1

    Nikko Toshogu ShrineA shrine that deifies the first shogun of the Edo period, TokugawaIeyasu. Extravagantly reconstructed by third shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, this shrine attracts many people with its richly colored buildings and elaborate engravings.

  • Main Sightseeing Spots2

    Lake ChuzenjiA lake that was formed when lava erupting from Mount Nantai dammed up a valley. We recommend cruising the lake on a rowboat or a sightseeing cruise, and taking a stroll in the surrounding area.

  • Main Sightseeing Spots3

    Kegon FallsAn especially famous waterfall even in Nikko,it is said to be one of Japan's big three famous falls.The straight 97m drop is a stirring sight.

  • Main Sightseeing Spots4

    Senjogahara PlateauRegistered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention. There are nature study trails, and the voices of wild birds echo throughout.

Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen Sightseeing Information

Limited Express Ticket Online Purchasing and Reservation Service

You can purchase and book tickets for limited express trains on Tobu Railway. You can also check availability of seats.(Only English is available)

When purchasing discount passes to Nikko / Kinugawa and tickets for limited express trains together, the fare for the limited express trains will be 20% off. To purchase them together, please read the information for each ticket.

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