Privacy policy

We recognize personal information of customers as important property and believe that protecting such information is our social responsibility. We comply with the applicable privacy laws and regulations and set the following privacy policy for the handling of personal information of customers in our business;

1. Purpose of privacy policy

We protect personal information of customers in an appropriate manner to earn continuous trust from them.

2. Privacy policy

  • Collection of Personal Information
    (1) Collection of Personal Information When we collect personal information, we define the purposes of use of personal information to them, and use legitimate and fair means within the range necessary to achieve that goal.
  • (2) Use of Personal Information We use personal information properly within the defined purposes of use of such information, and will not disclose personal information to any third parties without the consent of the customer involved, except when permitted by laws.
  • (3) Compliance with Laws and Regulations We comply with the applicable privacy laws, guidelines and other regulations to protect personal information in an appropriate manner.
  • (4) Management Structure for the Protection of Personal Information We set internal rules and regulations for the handling of personal information in our business and establish a management system to protect such information in the context of actual business operations.
  • (5) Disclosure or Modification of Personal Information If a customer requests to disclose or modify personal information that we have collected, we promptly address it in a rational manner within the range required by such request through a dedicated service desk.

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You can purchase and book tickets for limited express trains on Tobu Railway. You can also check availability of seats.(Only English is available)

When purchasing discount passes to Nikko / Kinugawa and tickets for limited express trains together, the fare for the limited express trains will be 20% off. To purchase them together, please read the information for each ticket.

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