Special Passes


For visitors planning a simpler trip to enjoy world heritage sites

kinugawa themepark pass

For visitors planning a trip to enjoy unique theme parks

all nikko pass

For visitors planning a more comprehensive trip to enjoy nature, world heritage sites, and hot springs


Four-day trip to Nikko & Kinugawa Onsen


Let’s Trip to the world heritage site, “Nikko,” with a Tobu railway discount pass for international travelers!

Tobu Railway Corporation has provided train-service between Asakusa and Nikko area including Kinugawa Onsen. Asakusa is known for the mood of the good old days of Japan, and one of the most popular touring spots amongst international travelers today.
The world’s famous touring spot, “Nikko,” meanwhile, is very known for the place which has been inscribed as a World Heritage site in1999, a registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest tree-lined street, and awarded the highest rating of three stars in the Michelin Guide.
For enjoying one’s trip to Japan more with saving money, Tobu Railway Corporation has offered the special discount pass for international travelers since 2004.
This special discount pass is very convenient, and covers local bus services around Nikko area in addition to the train fare from Asakusa.
It only takes about 2 hours from Asakusa to Nikko area by the Tobu limited express train, and 20% off the usual fare of limited express IS ONLY AVAILABLE for those who purchase a Tobu discount pass for international travelers at Tobu Sightseeing Service Center, located next to the central gate in Tobu Asakusa Station.

Tobu Railway’s discount pass is the best buy, as it enables discount travel on both trains and buses.

Three different types of passes are available, and were designed to meet the needs of various international travelers.

Nikko and Kinugawa area


You can make a more comprehensive trip, complete with a discount tour of Nikko’s beautiful nature, the pride of Japan, such as Chuzenji Lake, Kirifuri Kogen (Kirifuri Highlands), and Yumoto Onsen (Yumoto Hot Springs), as well as world heritage sites.


Train + Bus to Yumoto Onsen A savings of about 1,600 yen (per adult) Further information on fares and reservations

Nikko area


You can make a simpler discount trip, including a tour of three world heritage sites: the Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine, and Nikkosan Rinno-ji Temple.


Train + World Heritage loop bus A savings of about 550 yen (per adult) Further information on fares and reservations

Kinugawa area


You can make a trip to enjoy Tobu World Square, a theme park featuring elaborately crafted miniatures of world-famous structures and ruins, as well as Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland), a theme park featuring reproductions of Edo Period streets.


Train + admission to Tobu World Square and Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) A savings of about 2,920 yen (per adult) Further information on fares and reservations

Plus, international travelers can make stopovers for the Japan’s brand new touring spot, “TOKYO SKYTREE®” and Tochigi city which is very known as “the City of Historic Warehouse.” Please drop in these great touring spots as well for “spicing up” your trip to Nikko

TOBU SPACIA TOBU LIMITED EXPRESS Tobu Asakusa Sta.(3min)-TOKYO SKYTREE (70min) Tochigi City (1hr) Nikko &Kinugawa Onsen

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