Special Passes


For visitors planning a simpler trip to enjoy world heritage sites

kinugawa themepark pass

For visitors planning a trip to enjoy unique theme parks

all nikko pass

For visitors planning a more comprehensive trip to enjoy nature, world heritage sites, and hot springs


You can make a more comprehensive trip, complete with a discount tour of Nikko’s beautiful nature, the pride of Japan, such as Chuzenji Lake, Kirifuri Kogen (Kirifuri Highlands), and Yumoto Onsen (Yumoto Hot Springs), as well as world heritage sites.


Train + Bus to Yumoto Onsen A savings of about 1,600 yen (per adult)

This pass provides unlimited access to the area's theme park, enabling you to plan your own day of fun.
This pass gives you unlimited rides on bus routes covering a large area, along with discounts on various rides and attractions, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of what Nikko have to offer, including World Heritage sites, theme parks, hiking and walking trails, and hot springs.


・Effective period
4 days
・Admission ticket valid for two shrines and one temple (Toshogu shrine・Rinnoji Temple・Futarasan  Shrine・Taiyu mausoleum)is NOT included.
・Pass is good only for the rapid / section rapid service trains. To board the limited express train, please  purchase a limited express ticket separately..

You may allow making one round trip between Tobu Asakusa Station and Shimoimachi Station by this pass.
You can, however, get off on the way at both TOKYO SKY TREE Station and Tochigi Station.

Travel planning TIP.7


Train - Trip from Asakusa to Nikko w / ALL Nikko Pass

Day 1 Tobu Asakusa Sta. → TOBU Limited Express Train, “SPACIA” → Nikko → Lake Chuzenji → Hotel ( Enjoy Japanese Onsen and fine French dinner)
Accommodation: Nikko Lakeside Hotel
2 Hotel → Kegon Falls (drop 97m/318ft: the highest drop in Japan) →
→ World Heritage Site ( 2shrines&1temple TOSHOGU Shrine, Futarasan Shrines, Rinnoji Temple) →
→ TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® → TOBU Limited Express Train, "SPACIA" → Asakusa


Now on making reservation

Please read the notes below before you start to make a reservation.

Internet reservations must be completed from at least 4 days in advance of your departure.
To receive the reserved tickets or to purchase the discount passes, customers may come to Tobu Sightseeing Service Center located in Tobu Asakusa station.
(Reserved tickets can not be mailed by post.)

Tobu Sightseeing Service Center>>
Office hours:7:45~17:00
Closed from 12/30~1/3

Customers who would like to reserve the discount pass for 12/30-1/3 should recieve the reserved tickets before 12/29.(Tobu Sightseeing Service Center is closed from 12/30-1/3)
*Customers who would like to reserve the KINUGAWA theme park pass, please check the opening hours and holidays of the theme parks beforehand.
Edo Wonderland(closed on Wednesdays)  http://www.edowonderland.net/ >>
Tobu World Square  http://www.tobuws.co.jp/default_en.html >>

Customers who would like to reserve the Limited Express Spacia Kegon No.1(Dep.time 7:30) should recieve the reserved ticket at least one day before the departure date because of the office hours(7:45-17:00).


Kegon-fall Lake-Chuzenji Senjogahara Plate au



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