Typical Tourist Spots and What to See

You can enjoy just walking through the town without an itinerary,
since temples, shrines, Japanese restaurants,
Japanese confectionary stores and other sights are located everywhere.

  • Historic Buildings

    Toki no Kane (Time-telling Bell)

    A symbolic building of Kawagoe. It is said to have been built between 1627 and 1634 to tell people the time by ringing the bell.

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  • Food culture

    Yamaya, Japanese Restaurant

    Here you can enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine in a room where the space is lavishly used, with a view of a large courtyard that portrays the beauty of the seasons.

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  • Shopping

    Kashiya Yokocho (Confectioners Street)

    There are about 22 confectioners in a row along this street selling a variety of inexpensive traditional candies and sweets.

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Other tourist sites
along the Tobu Railway Line

We wish to introduce to you representative sights of Tokyo along the Tobu Line such as Asakusa,
Tokyo Skytree Town and Nikko, which is registered as a World Heritage.

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