Tokyo&... CITY 都心

歴史的風情と近代的光景が共存する都心部エリア。都内観光の名所と言える観光スポットが立ち並び、あなたの旅に特別な体験を届けます。The metropolitan area where historical cutsoms meet modernity. Bringing you a great endless oppotunities in arguably the best lineup of sight-seeing spots.

Tokyo Skytree 東京スカイツリー

世界で最も高い自立式電波塔。東京最高峰の展望台から望む富士山やメトロポリタンは圧巻。Japan's tallest broadcasting tower. The view of Mount Fuji and the entire metropolitan area from the observation deck is truly one to behold.

Tobu Zoo 東武動物公園

北関東最大級の動物園。豊富な動物たちとのふれあいは家族旅行にも最適。良き週末を。The largest zoo in the Northern Kanto area, a perfect family destination to see the vast number of beautiful animals on any given weekend.

Shinmeigu shrine 神明宮

栃木県の名前の由来となった神明宮。第二公園の池周辺を散策し癒されてみては如何。The shrine where Tochigi prefecture got its name, Shinmeigu. A peaceful stroll around the lake of the Second Park is highly suggested.

Kuranomachi 蔵の街

江戸の街並みが美しい栃木市は必見の街。川沿いの蔵の風情は江戸にタイムスリップ。A strip of traditional Edo storehouses located in Tochigi City, the warehouses located near the riverside create for a nostalgic view.