Castle towns, hot springs resorts, villages surrounded by mountains, heavy snowfall areas, etc.
How to Enjoy the Fukushima Aizu Area

Updated on: November 16, 2017

Valid between the Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen area and the Aizu area, the “YUTTARI (relaxing) AIZU TOBU FREE PASS” lets you enjoy and discover the various treasures of the Aizu area, such as its castle towns, hot springs resorts, villages surrounded by mountains and heavy snowfall areas, with discounts! Here are a list of train and bus information and tourist attractions to enjoy in the Aizu area in Fukushima with the YUTTARI AIZU TOBU FREE PASS.

How to Enjoy the Aizu Area in Fukushima Index

  1. About the Aizu Area
  2. Train Access to the Aizu Area
  3. Buses to Better Enjoy Aizu
  4. Discount Tickets
  5. Read Our Aizu Travel Report!

About the Aizu Area

Key Attractions in Aizu

Aizu Wakamatsu area

  • Tsurugajo Castle
    Tsurugajo Castle

    Tsurugajo Castle, which was hailed as an impregnable castle, did not even fall for one month after a vicious attack by the new government force during the Boshin War of 1868. In the spring of 2011, Tsurugajo Castle became the one and only castle tower bearing red tiles in the last days of the Tokugawa government in Japan.

  • Oyakuen

    This was once the villa of an Aizu domain lord and is called Oyakuen (medicine garden) because it had a medical herb field owned by the domain. Flowers that bloom all year-round deepen the unique atmosphere of a garden that previous domain lords adored.

Other attractions

  • Nanukamachi

    It is a popular area that retains the nostalgic atmosphere of Taisho romanticism.

  • Sazaedo

    Sazaedo is a hexagonal, three-layered temple that was built on Mt. Iimori with a unique double spiral-shaped slope.

  • Aizu Bukeyashiki
    Aizu Bukeyashiki

    Aizu Bukeyashiki is an outdoor museum park with many historic structures.

  • Aizu Domain School Nisshinkan
    Aizu Domain School Nisshinkan

    Nisshinkan was the top school of the Aizu domain, which was constructed in 1803 to nurture human resources.

  • Kitakata

    Some 4,000 small and large storehouses are scattered throughout the city.

Aizu-Tajima area

  • Old Minami-Aizu-Gun City Hall
    Old Minami-Aizu-Gun City Hall

    Old Minami-Aizu-Gun City Hall, which was built in the early Meiji period, is known as pseudo Western, partial two-story wooden architecture with a courtyard and has been designated as an important cultural property in Fukushima Prefecture. The building has a section introducing the history of Aizu-Tajima.

  • Aizu-Tajima Gion Kaikan
    Aizu-Tajima Gion Kaikan

    Aizu-Tajima Gion Kaikan is an exhibition museum that enables you to experience the Gion Festival all-year-round. Robots give a kabuki performance for children on a large stage.

Other attractions

  • Maezawa Magariya Community
    Maezawa Magariya Community

    Maezawa Magariya Community is an archetypal image of Japan featuring scenic beauty in southern Aizu.

  • Tagokura Dam
    Tagokura Dam

    Tagokura Dam is a large dam that was built in 1955 after six-years of construction work. A lakeside road surrounds this dam lake.

Yunokami Onsen area

  • To-no-Hetsuri

    Surprisingly, the breathtaking landscape of To-no-Hetsuri was created by repeated erosion and weathering over one million years. Its view of Japanese wisteria flowers and white rocks is like a beautiful painting in the early summer.

  • Ouchijuku

    The Ouchijuku area is a community that flourished as a post town along the Aizu Nishi Highway. Because this area was built in a deep mountainous area, it retains miraculously its old atmosphere. The area was designated as one of the State Preservation Districts for Groups of Important Traditional Buildings.

Hinoemata Village area

  • Hinoemata Village
    Hinoemata Village

    The village where the word "unexplored" comes out from the mouth of the person who lives there.There are a lot of delicious buckwheat noodles, mushrooms and wild grass dishes.

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Train Access to the Aizu Area

Limited Express Revaty

Limited Express Revaty

A limited express train that enhances convenience for sightseeing and commuting through Tobu Railway’s vast route network. Equipped with free Wi-Fi, outlets and tables for every seat, the train is convenient for laptop computer and smartphone users, and also ideal for commuting. The limited express offers service for customers going to different destinations.

AIZU Mount Express

AIZU Mount Express

AIZU Mount Express directly runs between Aizu-wakamatsu and Tobu-nikko, and Aizu-wakamatsu and Kinugawa-onsen stations. The train goes between Aizu-wakamatsu and Tobu-nikko twice a day, and between Aizu-wakamatsu and Kinugawa-onsen once a day. It also connects with Tobu Railway’s limited express trains as a direct rapid service train connecting wide areas.

Timetable for Aizu-wakamatsu/Kitakata

Timetable for Aizu-wakamatsu/Kitakata See timetable for Aizu-wakamatsu/Kitakata (PDF)

Timetable for Kita-senju/Asakusa/Shinjuku

Timetable for Kita-senju/Asakusa/Shinjuku See timetable for Kita-senju/Asakusa/Shinjuku (PDF)

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Buses to Better Enjoy Aizu

“Haikara-san” and “Akabee” buses tour the city

“Haikara-san” and “Akabee” buses tour the city

Major stops are Aizuwakamatsu Station,Nanukamachi Station, Tsurugajo castle,Higashiyama Hot Spring, Mt.Iimori. It will be very convenient for you to enjoy travelling throughout the city!

Aizu-Shimogo Sightseeing Loop-line Bus

A bus that goes to the Revaty Aizu train, starting from Aizu-Shimogo and Aizu-Tajima, the gateway to southern Aizu. The loop-line bus tours around attractions in Aizu-Shimogo-machi.

Departing dates: September 30 – November 19 (including weekends and holidays)
1-day passes: Adults \1,800 / Children \900 *Available in Aizu buses

Aizu-Shimogo Sightseeing Loop-line Bus Aizu-Shimogo Sightseeing Loop-line Bus North Loop-line Aizu-Shimogo Sightseeing Loop-line Bus South Loop-line

Sightseeing Loop-line Bus Connections to Aizu-wakamatsu/Shirakawa lines

Ouchijuku 1:35pm, 3:25pm
To Aizu-wakamatsu
Connects to buses starting at 1:50pm and 4:00pm
To Shirakawa
Connects to buses leaving at 2:00pm and 4:05pm
Yunokami-onsen station 2:00pm, 3:50pm
To Shirakawa
Connects to buses leaving at 2:10pm and 4:15pm (a bus stop along a national highway)
Tonohetsuri-mae 12:45pm
To Ouchijuku
Connects to the bus leaving at 1:35pm
Tonohetsuri Iriguchi 2:11pm, 4:01pm
To Shirakawa
Connects to buses leaving at 2:15pm and 4:20pm

Connecting buses run from Aizu Wakamatsu, Higashiyama-onsen and Ashinomaki-onsen

Connecting buses run from Aizu Wakamatsu, Higashiyama-onsen and Ashinomaki-onsen
  • *The information here is as of September 1, 2017.
  • *For details on the schedule and fares, contact Aizu Bus (Phone: 0242-22-5560 8:30am-6:00pm; Closed weekends and holidays) or go to the Aizu Bus website before your travel.

Regular sightseeing bus information in Aizu

  • Purchase at the Tobu Top Tours(until 17:30 on the day before)
  • Guide and seat reservation package (27 people).
  • lunch service included.

Japanese heritage Aizu, the city of Buddhism Pilgrimage to holy sites

  • Price:Adult: 7,000 yen Child: 5,000 yen
  • Service:Service is available on Saturdays,from April 15 to November 11.
Japanese heritage Aizu, the city of Buddhism Pilgrimage to holy sites

※Shojoji Temple may sometimes be closed without prior notice. In such case, you will enjoy viewing the statue of Kamiunaiyakushi instead.

An excursion streamer across Lake Inawashiro and a visit to the house where Hideyo Noguchi was born

  • Price:Adult: 6,000 yen Child: 4,000 yen
  • Service:Service will be available on Sundays and holidays from April 16 to November 12.
    ※There will be no service on Saturday if it falls on a holiday.
An excursion streamer across Lake Inawashiro and a visit to the house where Hideyo Noguchi was born
  • ※1: Please exchange with tickets at Higashiyama TIC and Aizu Bus TIC.
  • *Including admission fees.
  • *Please note that there may be delays due to traffic conditions.
  • *Please cooperate with local guides for meeting times, etc. for each visit.


Bus from Yunokami Onsen Station to Ouchijyuku

  • Price:Adult: 1,000 yen Child: 500 yen (free ride for one day)
  • Services will be available from April 21 to November 30, 2017.
  • 〈Reservations available.〉Until 19:00 the day before traveling

Depart at Yunokami Onsen Station

(About 20 minutes to Ouchijuku)

Depart from the entrance of Ouchijuku

(About 20 minutes to Yunokami Onsen Station)

※Bound for To-no-Hetsuri and Yunokami Hot Spring Stations (arrive at 16:50) via Large Zelkova of Nakayama and Choju-no-Shimizu (Shimizu of Longevity)

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Discount Tickets

If going to Aizu


  • Get on and off any stations between the Kinugawa Onsen and Aizu areas!
  • Present the Free Pass at designated stores to receive discounts!
Read more about ticket information


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Read Our Aizu Travel Report!

*Each link Destination is a page of Japanese.

Aizu-Wakamatsu area

The very unique double-helix slope

The very unique double-helix slope

Sazae-do is a temple built in a rare hexagonal shape. Visitors entering the temple climb up the double-helix slope from the front entrance. It is said that the temple used to have Kannon statues enshrined inside the slopes during the Edo period (1603-1868) so that people can conveniently make pilgrimage.

Mage-Wappa (wooden lunch box)

An Aizu specialty dish created with the “Mage-Wappa (wooden lunch box)” from Hinoemata Village

Aizu-Wakamatsu is home to a restaurant that offers delicious Wappa Meshi. At “Takino,” established after its owner was fascinated with the Mage-Wappa used in Hinoemata Village, the “Five-Type Wappa Meshi” consisting of royal fern, mushrooms, crab, salmon and egg.

Other Aizu tourist attractions to enjoy nature

Negi Soba

“Negi Soba,” a dish to enjoy using a green onion instead of chopsticks

Ouchijuku is famous for its Negi Soba eaten with a stick of green onion. The Negi Soba in restaurant “Daikokuya” is topped with dried bonito and nori. The soba noodles are also fragrant and made entirely of handmade soba dough.


Lake Ozenuma with outstanding transparency is also a must-see attraction

Oze, one of the most picturesque locations in Japan, is a great hiking destination for beginners and advanced hikers alike. The extensive marshland is breathtaking. Visitors will also be amazes with Lake Ozenuma’s transparency when looking downwards at their feet. Even the fish seem to be afloat in the air.

Other attractions

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