Guide to Facilities

Museum Shop

  • Museum ShopMuseum Shop
  • This store sells all kinds of Tobu Museum merchandise, including toys, pin badges, original stationery, puzzles, and more. * Those visiting only the Museum Shop may enter without purchasing a Museum admission ticket.

Children's toilet facilities, nursing room, multi-function toilets

  • Children's toilet facilities and diaper changing stations are available in both male and female restrooms. There is a nursing room located by the womens’ restroom entrance.

Rest Area

  • This space (equipped with 8 tables) is for taking a break and enjoying food or beverages. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy light meals or drinks here. (There are no restaurant or cafe facilities on-site. However, there are vending machines for beverages.) Seating is allocated during peak times. We ask for your cooperation.

Museum Gallery

  • The walls along the gentle sloping ramp areas (enabling accessibility for visitors with disabilities) are also utilized as gallery space. This is used as a venue for temporary exhibitions, events, or photography exhibitions.

Other Museum facilities

  • Commemorative medals
  • German model railway diorama