We sell exhibition catalogs and original Tobu merchandise, of course, including new products carefully selected by staff. Want a souvenir of your tour, or a gift for a child? Take a look around.There are special sales of local specialty snacks. (Weekends and holidays only) Available only with cash or public transport IC card.



  • 8000 Series pass case

    8000 Series pass case900 yen

  • Golden Spacia for Nikko pilgrimage die-cast train

    Golden Spacia for Nikko pilgrimage die-cast train600 yen

  • Narihirabashi ticket-style keychain

    Narihirabashi ticket-style keychain600 yen

  • Painted acorn strap

    Painted acorn strap400 yen

  • Pictorial record of Tramway in Good Old Days

    Pictorial record of "Tramway in Good Old Days"700 yen

  • SPACIA Towel

    SPACIA Towel500 yen

  • SPACIA Stationery Set

    SPACIA Stationery Set500 yen

  • Lanyard

    Lanyard500 yen

Collaboration products of local shop(weekends and holidays only)

  • Tobu Museum rice crackers

    Tobu Museum rice crackers270 yen

*All prices include tax