TOBU FREE Wi-Fi overview

Tobu Railway and its group facilities offers “TOBU FREE Wi-Fi,” a free wi-fi service for international tourists. Internet connection is available after registering your email address or social media account from the service’s page through using smartphones or other devices within the service area.

Service name


Languages available in the service page

English, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Korean, Thai, French, Spanish, Japanese

Authentication method

Authentication is made through registering your email address or social media account

Telecommunications carrier

NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.

TOBU FREE Wi-Fi coverage areas

Tobu Railway

  • Inside Spacia Limited Express
  • Ashikagashi station
  • Takayanagi station
  • Inside Ryomo Limited Express
  • Ota station
  • Mutsumi station
  • Insited Revaty Limited Express
  • Isesaki station
  • Shin-kamagaya station
  • TJ Liner
  • Sano station
  • Kamagaya station
  • Asakusa station
  • Shin-kiryu station
  • Magomezawa station
  • TOKYO SKYTREE station
  • Akagi station
  • Tsukada station
  • Hikifune station
  • Sugito-takanodai station
  • Shin-funabashi station
  • Omurai station
  • Minami-kurihashi station
  • Funabashi station
  • Higashi-azuma station
  • Kurihashi station
  • Ikebukuro station
  • Kameidosuijin station
  • Tochigi station
  • Kita-ikebukuro station
  • Kameido station
  • Shin-tochigi station
  • Shimo-itabashi station
  • Higashi-mukojima station
  • Shin-kanuma station
  • Oyama station
  • Kanegafuchi station
  • Shimo-imaichi station
  • Naka-itabashi station
  • Horikiri station
  • Tobu-nikko station
  • Tokiwadai station
  • Ushida station
  • Tobu-utsunomiya station
  • Kami-itabashi station
  • Kita-senju station
  • Tobu-nerima station
  • Kosuge station
  • Kinugawa-onsen station
  • Shimo-akatsuka station
  • Gotanno station
  • Omiya station
  • Narimasu station
  • Umejima station
  • Omiya-koen station
  • Wakoshi station
  • Nishiarai station
  • Kita-omiya station
  • Asaka station
  • Daishimae station
  • Owada station
  • Asakadai station
  • Takenotsuka station
  • Nanasato station
  • Shiki station
  • Yatsuka station
  • Iwatsuki station
  • Yanasegawa station
  • Soka station
  • Higashi-iwatsuki station
  • Mizuhodai station
  • Dokkyodaigakumae
  • Toyoharu station
  • Tsuruse station
  • Shinden station
  • Yagisaki station
  • Fujimino station
  • Gamo station
  • Fujino-ushijima station
  • Kami-fukuoka station
  • Shin-Koshigaya station
  • Minami-sakurai station
  • Shingashi station
  • Koshigaya station
  • Kawama station
  • Kawagoe station
  • Kita-koshigaya station
  • Nanakodai station
  • Kawagoeshi station
  • Obukuro station
  • Shimizu-koen station
  • Kasumigaseki station
  • Sengendai station
  • Atago station
  • Tsurugashima station
  • Takesato station
  • Umesato station
  • Wakaba station
  • Ichinowari station
  • Unga station
  • Sakado station
  • Kasukabe station
  • Edogawadai station
  • Kita-sakado station
  • Kita-kasukabe station
  • Hatsuishi station
  • Takasaka station
  • Himemiya station
  • Nagareyama-otakanomori station
  • Higashi-matsuyama station
  • Tobu-dobutsu-koen station
  • Toyoshiki station
  • Shinrin-koen station
  • Wado station
  • Kashiwa station
  • Ogawamachi station
  • Kuki station
  • Shin-kashiwa station
  • Yorii station
  • Hanyu station
  • Masuo station
  • Tatebayashi station
  • Sakasai station

Tobu Group

  • All business areas, including the observatory, at TOKYO SKYTREE®
  • Public areas in the TOKYO Solamachi® commercial facilities area (some exclusions apply)
  • TOKYO SKYTREE Town Sky Arena (Outdoor square at 4F)
  • Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa
  • Asakusa station building “EKIMISE”
  • Tobu World Square
  • Chuzenjiko cruise ship (Inside ship, ship station)
  • Tobu Bus (Tobu-nikko station bus stop, Chuzenji bus terminal)
  • Akechidaira Ropeway
  • Kan-etsu Transportation Bus (Oze Tokura Information Office, Kamata Office)

How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi

  1. 1

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 1

    Turn on “Wi-Fi” from “Settings, and choose the “TOBU Free Wi-Fi” SSID.

  2. 2

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 2

    Launch your internet browser, and tap “Access the internet here.”

  1. 3

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 3

    Tap “Register here.”
    *You may also sign in with social media accounts.

  2. 4

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 4

    After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, tap “Next.” Tap “Confirm” after entering your email address.

  1. 5

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 5

    After confirming the service’s security level, tap “I agree.”

  2. 6

    How to connect to TOBU FREE Wi-Fi 6

    An email will be sent to your email address to confirm registration.
    Internet connection is enabled by clicking the URL in the email.


  • You will be required to register your email address when first using the service, but will not be required to do so from your second connection onwards. However, re-registration is required after three months of your email registration.
  • After registering the required information, you will automatically log in for internet connection. See below for the conditions to connect. You will need to re-connect through the connection navigation screen after the connection time expires.
Connection location Connection time Number of connections
Stations 30 min./session 6 sessions/day
Inside Spacia Limited Express 120 min./session 4 sessions/day
Inside Ryomo Limited Express
Inside Revaty Limited Express
Inside TJ Liner
TOKYO SKYTREE® 60 min./session 7 sessions/day
TOKYO Solamachi®


  • This service is operated by NTTBP.
  • This service is provided in the best effort, and the communication speed and quality are not guaranteed.
  • WEP keys or other encryption settings are not applied. Use the services at your own responsibility.
  • NTTBP does not support all devices and software used for the service. Inquire your device or software manufacturer for compatibility issues.
  • The Tobu Group and NTTBP shall not have any liability in the event you suffer damages or disputes with a third part occurs through usage of this service.
  • *Proper names such as product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of each manufacturer.
    “TOKYO SKYTREE” and “東京スカイツリー(Japanese notation)” are registered trademarks of Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. and Tobu Tower SKYTREE Co., Ltd.
    “TOKYO Solamachi” and “東京ソラマチ (Japanese notation)” are registered trademarks of Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.